John & Heather: Love Reunited


The Story

John and Heather’s story is a bit different, because they’ve been married before-- to each other! They have 3 children together, and after initially getting divorced, they’ve found their way back to each other in a story of true love.

When John realized he wanted to propose, he needed to go to someone he trusted for a ring. Bob at South Hills Jewelers already knew the couple and their story, so he understood the importance of this amazing second chance. John kept the plan a secret at first, because he knew that if he told his kids, they’d tell the whole world. But he didn’t keep it a secret forever!

After purchasing the perfect ring at South Hills Jewelers, John brought his kids to his business, sat them down upstairs, and pulled out the ring box. John says his oldest son Johnathan didn’t need to see the actual ring, immediately screaming,”You are going to ask Mummy to marry you!” The kids were excited already, but John had an important question for them. He explained that in most instances a man would ask a woman’s father for their permission, but their story is unique and special. So instead, he then asked their 3 children for permission to marry their mother. They all screamed YES!

Now it was time for the hard part. John had to get Heather somewhere so that she could ask her but not blow the secret. The family ended up going to the Olive Garden, where John would enact his proposal plan, which of course, involved the kids! John says, ”The plan ended with my 7 year old Noah getting on the ground and showing how he would ask a girl to marry him. I said,’Noah that looks great but you are missing 1 thing.’ I then slid out of the booth pulled the box out of my pocket got on one knee and asked Heather to marry me. SHE SAID YES!”

Heather was shocked and overjoyed as the restaurant’s staff swooped in to see the ring and congratulate the couple over and over again. Talk about an amazing family dinner!

The Ring

Heather’s new engagement ring is a stunning Verragio 18k white gold and rose gold band with a .75 carat round brilliant cut center diamond. 34 round brilliant cut diamonds totaling .25 carats surround the halo and band for extra sparkle.

The Happily Ever After

John can’t wait to marry Heather again, saying, “Our story is different and our journey has been long. But if you looked in the eyes of the 5 people in an Olive Garden booth that Thursday night you would see that a miracle happened. We know we have an amazing journey ahead of us and our happily ever after is to use our marriage not only to remind us all that the impossible is indeed possible, but also to be a beacon of hope that love, grace, and mercy are still very much alive.”

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