How To Express Your Pride For Your Graduate

It’s officially graduation season. As our children and loved ones prepare for their graduation, many next steps are in mind. High school graduates may be looking toward their college careers, or may be taking time to figure out their passions. College graduates are now left with open-opportunity—whether a career is in sight, isn’t quite yet in sight, or graduate school is in the plan. Whatever the case, an era has ended and a new one is about to begin. Aside from unconditional love, what way can we best express our pride for their hard work? A timeless piece of jewelry, certainly. But what options are there?


Class Rings:

While the reputation for class rings has fallen by the wayside in more recent years, there’s no reason that they cannot make a comeback. Only about 2 generations ago, class rings were a coveted piece of jewelry—one that was earned by completion of education. They were classic, personalized, and timeless, and were a piece passed down onto future generations. Simplicity in a class ring can give your graduate a memorable and distinctive piece of jewelry that is unique to them as a perfect way to commemorate their time in school. Find lots of options through our class ring vendor, ArtCarved!


Not much explanation needed for this one. Graduation is a great time to gift a watch, especially for high school. Upon graduating high school, students likely haven’t acquired a wide range of quality jewelry, if any. A watch can serve as their timekeeper and a beautiful wrist piece to have on display. For an elegant yet masculine choice, our brand Seiko offers a mature look for your grad. For a more feminine and dainty look, Pulsar offers plenty of slimmer options!

Custom Jewelry:

When you can’t find a piece of jewelry that says what you’d like it to, create your own. With custom jewelry, you can design a new custom piece or reimagine a current piece anew. You can engrave a fitting message on a piece of jewelry of your choice, making the item specific to your grad as well as meaningful. What better way to show your grad how you feel than to immortalize it in writing?