Thank Dad for All He’s Done

As Father’s Day approaches, we’re all thinking of what we should get for the Fathers, Father figures, husbands, and male mentors in our lives. Whether a biological Father or someone who has been a great influence, a Father plays an important role and is one that we’ve appreciated in helping our lives grow. Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that our Dads have done for us and to thank them for that. Let’s get to thinking about a classic piece of fine jewelry that our Father’s could wear everyday. How can we say “thank you for all that you do,” or “thank you for being you,” to our Fathers and husbands?

Is he the type to wear jewelry?

If not, a great start is a wristwatch. What man wouldn’t enjoy receiving a beautiful timepiece to sport for both aesthetic quality and function? It’s a great practical piece that suits every man’s style. At South Hills Jewelers, we offer a variety of styles by two very distinct brands, Citizen and Seiko. One being more rugged, and the other more sleek, respectively.

If a watch doesn’t speak to you for your Father, consider a titanium bracelet, a sterling silver chain, or a custom designed ring. While these aren’t the first piece of jewelry thought of for a man, there are plenty of stately options. Whether your Father prefers ornate or simplistic, ample masculine pieces are available.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 2.59.19 PM.png

Looking for more? Step outside of traditional pieces and purchase your special someone a money clip or cufflinks. A money clip has an everyday use, especially if your Dad’s wallet is needing an update! You can even opt to have his initials engraved on it for personalization. Cufflinks, while not typically an everyday piece, can make a great addition to your Father’s black tie look. Additionally, our sales associates can custom order any timeless piece that you can think of!

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