Men's Custom Wedding Bands

It’s no secret that generally speaking, women know a bit more about jewelry than men do, and women are certainly more likely to wear it on a daily basis. So what’s a groom-to-be to do when his only experience with jewelry was the hemp necklace he wore during his Dave Matthews phase in 2001? Come in to South Hills Jewelers. Our jewelers are eager to help even the most novice of grooms design their own custom wedding band.

While some may think a lack of background knowledge may be a hindrance to designing a custom piece of jewelry, we see it as a positive thing! Without the confines of what a ring “should” look like, we find that our customers become more creative and end up with a ring that suits them perfectly.

We want you to be as proud to show off your wedding band as your wife was to show off her engagement ring. One of the many brands we carry who produce custom rings, Lashbrook, says it perfectly themselves, “When was the last time a customer said ‘Check out this gold band! It looks just like the one my dad has!’ Um... never.” Let us help you be as proud of your one-of-a-kind ring as you are to be marrying your spouse.

Put it in writing

One of the more traditional ways to customize your wedding band is by engraving—add the date, your spouse’s signature, or perhaps a quote or lyrics that is special to you as a couple. Some people even get a little bit silly with their engravings!


Knock on wood


A great option for grooms who prefer more natural looks, or those who can’t or prefer not to wear metal jewelry, is wood. As you know, the types of wood and finishes are endless, guaranteeing your wooden ring is like no other. 



A picture is worth 1000 words

Don’t forget that engravings aren’t limited to words (or to metal). Images can also be engraved on wedding bands made of almost any material. Check out this incredibly creative dude who got his wife’s fingerprint laser engraved on his band, not only giving it beautiful meaning, but also an abstract and aesthetically pleasing texture.   



Out of this world materials


While wooden rings have become more popular over the last few years, there’s a lesser known alternative material that’s garnering the attention of men and women on the hunt for something a little bit “out there” — meteorite! Other material options include carbon fiber, damascus, and cobalt chrome. 


Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 2.09.53 PM.png

Channel your passions

We love seeing men who incorporate bits of their personality into their rings. (Bonus points if it’s a passion you share with your spouse!) One of the most fun ideas we’ve seen is this circuit board patterned ring with inset diamonds for the gadget-obsessed groom.


Now that we have your creative juices flowing, come on down to South Hills Jewelers. One of our jewelers is waiting to sit down with you and make your ring a reality.