7 Pieces To Pair With Your Pumpkin Spiced Latte This Autumn

Beautiful caucasian brunette young woman in warm autumn day at park. Yellow leaves and sunshine. Fall season. Woman in white sweater and plaid with a cup of coffee in hands, smiling. Copy space

Fall is a time for leather boots, flannel, infinity scarves, and of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The change in weather also presents a shift in the types and styles of jewelry you’ll wear with your warmer wardrobe. This fall, we have tons of great pieces for every fall activity—from hiking to housekeeping, we’ve got the perfect accessory for what you choose to do while sipping on your pumpkiny deliciousness.

1. Chocolate Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

Did you know that, upon request, you can get a Mocha Pumpkin Spice Latte? Much like the ingredients in a MPSL, you can also embrace the hues of fall with chocolate diamonds from Le Vian. This bracelet is sure to spice up your latte sipping wrist, or wear it over a plain form fitting long sleeve for a festive touch.  


2. Use A Jewelry Box Staple To Complete Your Halloween Costume

Feeling a little domestic while baking pumpkin seeds and apple pies and everything else pumpkin spice flavored? Want to try out a 1950s housewife look for a Halloween party? Pair these White Isle pearl earrings with a cable knit sweater over a vintage dress to channel your inner Betty Draper.


3. A Touch Of Delicacy In A Season Of Many Layers

Add a feminine touch to the classic flannel and boots look with this sleek bar necklace from Kelly Waters. A great, versatile piece, wear it to highlight your neckline under a light flannel or over a bulky sweater to give your comfy look a confidence boost.


4. Crisp, Classic, And Timely

Knowing that a passion for pumpkin spice lattes and fall fashion is certainly not restricted to women, a timepiece like this Gold-tone cased Pulsar Watch with a leather strap and Cabochon crown is our must-have for fall. Sophisticated and classic, it’ll look great with a knit scarf and blazer, just don’t forget to set it back on November 4th!


5. Hone Your Hidden Magical Powers

Channeling your inner powers this Halloween season? This Neopolitan Opal necklace from Le Vian reminds us of the crystal ball a fortune teller in a haunted house would consult. Beautiful with an air of spooky, wearing Opal is actually said to bring about passion, loyalty, and faithfulness.


6. The Most Wonderful Time Of Year, For A Hike

As the leaves change, why not gather some friends, grab some PSLs, and head to the nearest wood trail for a leisurely hike? And your pals can rest easy when their phones die after Instagramming too many foliage photos because you’ll have this versatile, military-inspired timepiece from Citizen. The Chandler watch is unisex and will give you that “ready to navigate the wild outdoors” rugged chic look. Better yet, it features Eco-Drive technology, so it’s powered by light (any light) meaning it never needs a battery.


7. Don’t Forget To Give Thanks

Commemorate a special Thanksgiving with this charm from Rembrandt. The “Horn of Plenty” charm depicts a cornucopia, a “symbol of plenty, consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.” It represents a plentiful harvest and good fortune to come, the perfect gift for a loved one this Thanksgiving