What To Do With Gifted Or Heirloom Jewelry That’s Just Not Quite Right

Jewelry is a wonderful gift to both give and receive, but it’s one of the most difficult to get right. Style and size can be particularly hard to guess when it comes to jewelry, and sometimes, like for heirloom pieces, you don’t even get to guess. So whether your new fiancé was off on his guess or your grandfather and you don’t share the same ring size, we have all the info you need on getting your rings to fit your fingers and your style!

For Rings That Are Too Big

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First off, if this is an engagement ring that you plan on continuing to wear daily, it is 100% necessary that you buy a ring guard ASAP. What is a ring guard, you ask? They come in many types and materials, but the purpose of them is exactly what it sounds like, to guard your ring from falling off. We suggest Ring Noodles or Blingwraps for a great temporary fix until you can come to see us at South Hills Jewelers where our professionals will resize your ring permanently. Contact us to learn more.

For Those Who Want To Make Sentiment Fashionable

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Sometimes we’re handed down pieces of Jewelry that don’t quite match our style or even century. We’ve all seen them: The brooches our grandmothers wore, gaudy and giant, but inlaid with beautiful stones and gems. Do you know what you’ve actually just received? Supplies to create your own custom piece of jewelry that will match your style. Be it a ring into a necklace, bracelet to rings, or a brooch to earrings, our team of custom jewelry designers will help you create your new favorite piece to show off. Learn more about our custom jewelry process here.

For Those Who Don’t Wear Rings

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Maybe you’re a doctor and have to take gloves off and on all day, or maybe rings just aren’t for you, but you still want to keep a ring close to your heart--be it a class ring, promise ring, or wedding ring—because of it’s sentimental value. Men and women alike often find that stringing their ring around their neck is a great compromise. Use a simple silver or gold chain the length of your liking, or find a large pendant necklace to display your ring and you’ll feel close to your loved on and stylish all at once.

For Rings That Are Too Small

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic temporary finger-shrinking spell for this one, but we’re here and ready to help! Bring your ring to us and we’ll have it resized and back on your finger in no time.

Learn more about our custom redesign process here!