5 Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Thinking about getting engaged in 2019? Congratulations! You’ve found the love of your life, so now it’s time to find the perfect trendy engagement ring to match. 2019’s most popular styles center around taking a modern twist on classic ring designs. Whether you love colored stones or asymmetric ring settings, the top engagement ring styles of this year have a little something for everyone. Keep reading to learn about the 5 most popular engagement ring trends of 2019.

Three Stone Rings

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If you don’t love Meghan Markle already, you’re sure to be inspired by the Duchess’s amazing three stone ring. Markle is always known for being on-trend, and her amazing ring, which features a large center diamond flanked by diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection, is the height of style and elegance. You can take inspiration from Markle with your own ring by choosing a stunning center stone (diamond and sapphires are a popular choice), along with side stones that create the perfect accent.

Yellow Gold Bands

White and rose gold are still popular precious metal options for engagement and wedding bands, but yellow gold has been making a huge comeback! Ladies are especially loving delicate gold bands, instead of thicker band styles, and yellow gold rings with solitaire diamonds, in keeping with minimalist ring trends that look amazing on anyone.

Fancy Cut Engagement Rings


Have you seen J-Lo’s incredible 15-carat diamond engagement ring? We are in love, and hope you are too. The ring used by A-Rod in his proposal is a perfect example of another popular 2019 ring style: fancy cuts! Fancy cuts are diamonds that are cut into unique shapes, instead of standard circles or squares. One especially trendy diamond style is pear shaped diamonds, which look a bit like a teardrop. These diamonds work on a variety of styles of engagement rings, from solitaire rings to stackable bands, and look amazing in either a north-south or east-west orientation.

Vintage Inspired Rings

What goes around comes around, and that’s definitely true when it comes to fashion and style choices. One of the most popular options for engagement rings in 2019 are rings that are vintage inspired. These rings bring back delicate art deco engagement ring features, and are often paired with stacked designs, unique gemstones or asymmetric designs that create the perfect union of past and present trends.

Unique Halos


Diamond halos have been among the most popular engagement ring styles for a while now, but in 2019, halos are getting revamped with amazing, unique designs. Instead of the traditional circular halos, brides and jewelers are experimenting with everything from baguette halos to unusual halo shapes and halos paired with fancy cut diamonds that make them even more glamorous.

Picking the Right Ring for You

Engagement ring trends are a great starting point, especially if you haven’t looked at rings before, or aren’t sure what your signature style is yet. That being said, don’t let trends dictate what the “perfect” ring means to you! When you’re looking at engagement rings, keep a pulse on what your heart is saying and keep track of the rings that make it skip a beat. Good luck, and happy ring searching!