Diamond Guarantee

Lifetime Diamond Guarantee
We will replace, free of charge*, any diamond, covered by our Guarantee if it chips, breaks or is lost from its original setting during normal wear.

In order for your Diamond Guarantee to remain in effect, you must have your diamond inspected and have the inspection documented every 6 months by an authorized representative. In addition, all necessary repairs must be completed by our representatives.

*This includes the labor and materials necessary to set the replacement diamond.

Mounting Guarantee
From twelve months from the date of purchase, we guarantee the mounting for your diamond, against all defects in material or workmanship. We will repair or replace your mounting without charge if any defects are found during this period.

Creating a Masterpiece
Our diamonds are cut and polished by master craftsmen whose skill makes your stone beautiful and brilliant. Furthermore, we guarantee the accurate carat weight of your stone and the gold content of your mounting. 

Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy
You may trade in your diamond for another diamond at least double the trade-in value. The trade-in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax. 

Free Lifetime Cleaning & Inspections
Bring your diamond into our store as often as you wish for free professional cleaning and inspection.

Return & Exchange Policy
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly accept your return for 30 days from the date of purchase. Custom designed jewelry is not returnable.

Lifetime Care Package

In addition to our Diamond Guarantee, we offer a Lifetime Care Package for purchase, which is our exclusive plan to protect your fine jewelry purchase. This Agreement covers those conditions not expressly provided for under our Diamond Guarantee

 In consideration of payment of the agreement price, we will furnish labor and parts necessary to maintain the merchandise identified on the sales slip in a usable and wearable condition, provided such service is necessitated by merchandise wear during normal usage of the merchandise under the conditions for which it was designed and to the extent that any and all provisions of certain underlying warranties and/or guarantees have been properly met. The term of the Agreement shall commence from the date the Lifetime Care Package is purchased and shall continue for the lifetime of the original customer or original receiver of merchandise, in the case of a gift.

This agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following services subject to the foregoing provisions: ring sizing, refinishing and polishing, rhodium plating white gold, earring repair, chain soldering, resetting your diamonds and gemstones. 

All repairs must be completed by us.

What is Not Covered:
Watches and the replacement of diamonds of gemstones are not covered under the Lifetime Care Package. Nothing herein shall obligate us to repair or replace materials resulting from excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise other than normal wear and tear. This agreement does not cover loss, theft of the merchandise or damage resulting from loss, theft, misuse, abuse, or Act of God. Customer must and shall perform all maintenance required by certain underlying warranties to maintain the merchandise in such useable and wearable condition, as provided in said warranties. Damage resulting from failure to comply with recommended services and/or guaranties is not covered by this Agreement. In no event shall we be liable for consequential damages or delay in rendering service under this Agreement, or loss of use during period that the merchandise is being repaired or otherwise awaiting parts. Parts may be replaced with other of like and quality.

Note: Unauthorized repairs defined as any modifications, alterations, or repairs by anyone other than South Hills Jewelers can void this Agreement mentioned above.

What to Do if Covered Merchandise Requires Service:
Take goods to South Hills Jewelers for authorized service. Sales slip will serve as identification of enrollment as well as identification of merchandise covered.

The agreement is only for the benefit of the original customer or original receiver of merchandise, in the case of a gift. It is not transferrable to anyone else. Lifetime Care Package is void if merchandise is used as a trade-in toward another item. A Care Package plan would need to be purchased on the new item.